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Flexible Stainless Steel Chimney Liners

The Flex-Champ Liner Series™

The Undisputed Champions in Stainless Steel Chimney Liners
We offer an elite array of liners made in our own facility, right here in the USA. Because we produce every foot of our liners, we can promise that you’ll get exactly what you ordered, delivered on time, every time. Each of our liners is UL listed, and covered by the Lifetime Lining System Warranty when installed by a certified solid fuel professional.

Lightweight-Flex Liner


Economical • Flexible • Strong
When choosing a chimney liner, our single wall Lightweight-Flex liner is your most economical choice. This liner is strong and flexible and fully covered under Lifetime’s warranty.

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Welterweight-Flex Liner


A Hybrid Lightweight and Middleweight liner
If you are looking to save some money without compromising strength and flexibility, our Welterweight-Flex Liner is the ideal choice.

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Middleweight-Flex Liner


Higher Draft • Super Strength • Cost Effective
Our double-layer, smooth wall Middleweight-Flex liner is built for super strength and long-lasting durability. The smooth inner wall delivers up to 20% greater draft over equal size corrugated pipe.

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Light Heavyweight-Flex Liner

Light Heavyweight-Flex

A Hybrid Middleweight and Heavyweight Liner
This lean and flexible liner bridges the gap between our Middleweight-Flex and Heavyweight-Flex liners.

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Heavyweight-Flex Liner


Unbreakable • Double Thick • Super Durable
Our Heavyweight-Flex liner is double the thickness of our Middleweight-Flex for ultimate strength and durability with 20% greater draft over equal size corrugated pipe.

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